Jealousy misery

Posted on: September 10, 2007

Geraldo was happy until the day he met Dalva and fell in love with her, love that took them to the altar a few months later. After that it was twenty five years of pain and frustration within, Geraldo is not an explosive type of person neither a complainer, only a very few men would like to be in his place.

Dalva suffered of an pathologic jealosy and transformed everyone’s lives a true suffering center of torture because of her constant explosions and s wich did not choose time, place or even an reason. The last family trip to Governador Valadares, Brazil, at Christmas time was a shame, right on the first week when of one of Geraldo’s cousin, whom he hasn’t seen for years, kissed and huged him. Immediately all plates, furniture and house appliances were broken, clothes ripped and the cousin was sent out. That was not one of the first of Dalva’s shamefull shows.

Geraldo lost count of how many times they had to move from houses and churches because of his wife’s pathologic disease. Their kids were raced participating of everything.

And even when they came to USA things didn’t calm down. Without any social life because of Dalvas peatifull behavior, their friends wives were always acused of something wich only Dalva could see. Even their oldest son girlfriend never wanted to go back to their house because of Dalva’s jealousy.

The last of Dalvas shows was one night when Geraldo arrived late from work. He was coming home and met an old friend, they caught up for while, reason why he didn’t answer his cell phone, left in the car.

Dalva was waiting for him right out side of the house, where she once more explouded because of her obsesion, thinking that her husband was cheating on her. The results was one car on fire and one more scandal for their lives. The fire-figthers and police came, Geraldo minimized the fact and didn’t tell the truth about his wife behavior. The next day Geraldo had a meeting with his kids and they decided to live the house and let Dalva deal with her own self, they couldn’t take the psicological abuse any longer, Dalva pressured and harresed them so much that he decided to go to court and get a divorce without worring what Dalva’s reaction would be.

Now for the first time, Geraldo and his kids are living a happy life without being afraid of Dalva’s reaction on decisions they make or things they do. How many cases like that have you seen?? If that is not your own reality!!? This is a real fact in the life of many! How many careers went down because of jealosy? How many lives? How many dreams!? In lives jorney many families have been destroyed because of jealosy, mothers and daugthers hatting each other, brothers and sisters killing, the world being destroyed by this enemy of many souls, jealosy which is not being treated the way it should be. The carreer of this disastrous desease is always afraid to lose, they are always feeling bad, complaining and crying. They are always the victim, and always have a pitifull attitude. They say jealosy is possessive love and that is a lie. Love is never possessive. They have low self steem and automisery, you can usually spot a jealous person since they are litlle by their behavior or actions.

Jealousy people are like all of us. Our neighbors and relatives accept they suffer a lot more without understanding how to control their actions or attitudes. Husbands with an agressive behavior towards their wives, especialy after they have their first kid, wives that can not stand to see their husbands suceed and never get along with their own daugthers men and women that destroy and kill themselfs because of jealousy.

Its very normal the victim go througt life giving excuses for why that happend just so that they could be left alone with the hope that tomorow would be a better day! How many times they are acused of what they have never done? The jealouse one is always checking on their partners pockets purses, checking their books or the last numbers dialed, checking their e-mail, anything to find infidelity, and how many times their actions take them to kill because they want what somebody else have. Thinking that what they have is never enough, their eyes is always lookinkg to find for something what they never seen!! Always afraid to lose. And because of that they always lose just like Dalva, lost everything.


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